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Antiques Lovers Facebook Community Top 5 Quotes

Right from the start, we have been a big fan of a Facebook page called Antiques Lovers.  Appreciating antiques is something most people are not taking the time to incorporate in their live. Publicity is pounding on us to buy. We are always presented with new made items, often nice, affordable but somewhat quickly made, of low quality and disposable. Let’s face it; companies have millions of copies of those products to sell. They have the money to make large scale promotions including financing, adverts, product placement, etc. Antiques are simply not marketable in a large scale like that.

By promoting the love, appreciation and the joy of owning antiques, the Antiques Lovers FB page has gone viral several times already. This is really rare in the antique world, especially for pages not made for a TV show or magazine. The message is also very profound although presented in a fun way: BE PROUD TO LOVE ANTIQUES … THEY ARE COOL. We totally agree. Antiques are part of our history. We should learn to protect them for future generations. Everyone should learn to appreciate them.

We are glad to present you their top 5 posts (At least, some very cool one; see the FB page to have more excellent quotes).

Antiques Lovers Just Kidding

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